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Public Policy and Advocacy

The Public Policy and Advocacy Division concentrates its advocacy efforts on regulatory and legislative reform proposals that impact our member firms.

Our Objectives

The Division develops and leads implementation of advocacy strategies targeting all key European decision-makers, both at EU and at national level, and is aimed at ensuring that AFME’s views and priorities are considered and reflected in legislative and regulatory processes. Further, the Division plays a central role in establishing, nurturing, and expanding relationships with key actors and stakeholders, examines intelligence on the political and regulatory landscape, and facilitates an open dialogue between the financial industry and regulatory bodies across Europe. Finally, the Division ensures that key AFME messages on proposed policy initiatives are delivered to regulators and officials in an appropriate, effective and coherent manner, taking account of the wider political agenda, objectives and landscape.

European Public Policy Committee (EPPC)

The Committee provides insight, advocacy engagements and targeted outreach to European officials, including officials from the European Commission, European Parliament, Ministries of Finance in Member States, the European Supervisory Authorities and the Single Supervisory Mechanism, across the full range of issues relevant to our member firms.

Current and future areas of engagement for the EPPC include:



Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic:

-The role that financial markets play in mitigating the impact of the crisis;

- emphasizing the role that banks and capital markets play in supporting he economic recovery.

Improving efficiency and connectivity in securities markets, and expanding the size and capacity of EU capital markets:

- Review of key pieces of legislation, including: MiFID, the Securitization Regulation, etc.;

- improving the functioning of corporate debt markets, and fostering better access to equity markets;

- promoting retail investment in EU capital markets;

- promoting the convergence of supervisory practices.

Promoting integration in EU financial markets and removing harmful fragmentation:

- Ensuring an ambitious Capital Markets Union that guarantees a diversity of funding sources for the real economy while spreading risks effectively;

- a well-functioning Banking Union.

Achieving a sound implementation of Basel III:

- Engaging in the “CRR quick fix”, and a sound CRR3 legislative package.

Fostering a culture of integrity and effective conduct regulation:

- The upcoming legislative proposal on AML.

Taking Sustainable Finance to the next level:

- Green Securitisation and Green Equity Principles;

- a flexible Taxonomy;

- development of voluntary disclosure standards; and

- the review of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive.

Building a competitive Digital Single Market:

- Ensuring that the EU financial services regulatory framework is fit for the digital age;

- engaging in the upcoming legislative proposals on crypto-assets and operational resilience, as well as the new digital finance strategy for Europe.

Supporting open, well-regulated cross-border markets:

- Facilitating global regulatory convergence;

- promoting well-functioning equivalence regimes and supervisory cooperation frameworks.


Jacqueline Mills

Managing Director, Head of Advocacy

Stefano Mazzocchi

Managing Director and Deputy Head Advocacy

Pedro Pinto

Director, Advocacy

Remi Kireche

Director, Advocacy

Jim Rusagara

Manager, Advocacy