Credit division

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The Credit division monitors developments in policy and market structure that might affect the corporate bond and loan markets.


The division develops market policy and best practice on issues related to corporate bond price transparency and valuation and over-the-counter derivatives in cooperation with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA).

Credit division priorities

  1. EC MIFID II finalisation – continue to provide active technical input into the MiFID process.
  2. Produce educational and technical documents to help draw attention to the issues surround European credit markets.
  3. Participate in industry leading events, including AFME's Market Liquidity. conference, which focus on credit issues for AFME credit trading businesses.
  4. To monitor developments in other regulations which could impact credit trading, including short selling and others.

Key Documents
AFME Responses

Capital Markets Union (CMU)

Useful resources


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Victoria Webster

Managing Director, Fixed Income

Rupert Warmington

Senior Fixed Income Advisor, Capital Markets

Anastasios Charalampous

Associate, Fixed Income